Company philosophy


Companies are interconnected with the world around them in all sorts of ways.

First, there’s the link with the customer. Tittel Fein­ge­rä­te­technik wants to be more than just a supplier. For us, it’s all about a relationship which produces material and con­cep­tual benefits for both sides. We are the point of contact and through working with our customers we solve techni­cal and commercial problems. Reliability and fairness play a vital role here.

A company’s most important asset is its em­plo­yees. We encourage a culture of open communication in our com­pa­ny. We dedicate ourselves to work-life-long learning ex­pe­rien­ce. We create an environment for our em­plo­yees where they can develop and provide benefits for our cus­to­mers and for the company.

Every company needs suppliers and service providers. We aim to have high performance partners who support us with exceptional testimonials and forward-looking know-how. Whether it’s a materials supplier, a heat treat­ment company, a surface treatment company or an equipment supplier, we attach great importance to cooperation and the best possible results.

Manufacturing in the 21st century is facing the biggest challenge since the beginning of the In­dus­trial Re­vo­lu­tion. Sustainability in respect of our resources and the pro­tec­tion of our environment are of the utmost im­por­tance for the life of future generations. We make espe­cially sure to observe the highest environmental standards when we purchase new equipment, when we make technical decisions and when we modernise our site which is in the middle of the Erzgebirge recreation area.


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